Monday, March 7, 2011

Retro Monday!!! Pokemon!

Pokemon! Gotta Catch em All!
Pokemon has been around for a long time. Weather you lover it or hate it, It is huge. Video games, tv series, movies, a card game, and toys, Pokemon is just about everywhere. It all started with the epic Blue and Red for the original Game Boy released on September 30, 1998.
I remember watching a few Pokemon episodes on TV before school started, and I was not sure what it was about. I latter picked up Pokemon Blue from Wal-Mart as something to do on a 3 day drive to Texas my family was going on. I have a soft spot for RPG games and this was a good one. The idea that I could just catch more characters to play with was great. So I played, and played, and played, until I had them all. My favorite was Onix!

The concept was simple. The graphics were good for that time. The music was very memorable. I spent countless hours playing this game. Between the story, the safari zone, the elite four, catching them all and raising everyone to 100 you had almost endless play. The best part of the Pokemon is the other tie in things they had. Catch mew at Toys R Us, and the amazing Pokemon stadium compatibility.

They still make Pokemon games, the new ones just came out. I will review those soon. Till then try playing blue or red for old times sake.