Friday, May 27, 2011

Daddy I Hurt

I get home late one night and fall asleep on the couch to not wake my wife. She brings my son downstairs at 4am crying because he hurt his arm. He cried for 45 min. "mommy hold you" "mommy booboo" "daddy I hurt" and much more. I cuddled him in my arm and he finally fell asleep. He awoke at 8am still crying "kiss make better" "see doctor make better." He walked around hanging his arm like it was dead and did not move it for anything. So we decided to take him to the doctor. The doctor took us in and explained that Matthew had dislocated part of his elbow. He popped it back in and gave him an Popsicle. I felt so bad for my son and I am glad to say he is back to normal like it never happened.

1 comment:

  1. That was the worst 12 hours that I've had since he was born! Stupid nursemaid's elbow!