Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Final Fantasy Dilemma

Final Fantasy 13,  I finished the story at 80 hours. I am going for the trophies and I am up to 130 hours now. I am not a fan of the combat system, and I felt the story and characters were not that strong. The maps are very linear and confusing with large jumps. The game looks amazing and because I have played every Final Fantasy title released I have to finish it.  This game has been my obsession for the last few months.  It would go much faster if there was a good way to earn gil. I maxed all my characters and still don't have enough money to upgrade my equipment.

I have just finished the toughest mark, #64 The Doomherald.He was easier then I thought he would be. You just have to follow a pattern and let poison kill him.  Now to go back and 5 star every hunt.

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  1. I can't wait until you are finished with this game....why does it always take a ton of work to get 100%