Friday, January 28, 2011

Finding that balance

     Balancing work, family, and video games can be tough. It is even harder if you play an MMORPMG. I struggle to find that balance every day. I work evening and get home late. My wife is normally asleep at that time. I will usually stay up and play video games until I am tired. This window provides me enough to time to get a meaningful chunk game time in. The trick is to not stay up too late to the point in which you are too tired in the morning for you family.

     I know when I am too into a game when I stay up all night and then my son has to play with his toys while daddy sleeps on the couch. For a while I tried the going to bed when I got home and play in the morning. This is harder than playing at night because both my son and my wife want my attention when I want to play a game. Console games it really doesn't matter when you play, but online games are best played at night when most players are online. Some nights I spend with my wife when she needs that extra attention.
   You will know when that balance tips too far toward gaming. You wife will be upset with you and you guys will fight. I had this happen this morning. I snapped at her because I was tired, and she snapped at me because she was tired too. I made the mistake of trying to play FF13 and this got worse. I ended up taking my son out to play so we both had time to cool off. We have made up and things are OK now.

Look for my new feature.  Retro Mondays are coming!!!

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  1. I think that the balance for gaming is just one of many things that we try to balance in our lives.

    Since having our son it is much more difficult to find time for just us too. And even when we do, sometimes we still just look at each other and think...."Hmmmm...What should we do?" We might be stuck at home, because he is napping or make plans and then he's sick...

    I think that things are getting better. I feel like sometimes I need to insist on more me time though. Sometimes, I feel like everything in my life revolves around M....I forget who I was and the potential for what I can be.

    Also, I'm sorry we had the fight this morning...especially because we were both tired and really not even made at each other! I was grateful that you took M out. I did take about a half hour to myself before I started on tasks that needed done outside the house.