Friday, April 8, 2011



     Infamous is a GTA style sandbox game with a morality twist. The story is  your trapped in a city thats been quarantined by the government because of an explosion. You were at the epicenter, and it has given you power, the power to electrocute people! You use your new found electric power for good or evil.

     The morality of your character effects what power you have access to. Evil gets things like cluster grenades and chain lighting, which hits a lot of stuff nearby. I am not good so I do not know what they get. It also effects some of the story and there are trophies for completing the game both ways making you play it twice. Other than that the choices are like give children puppies or murder their family. there is no middle ground, and it explains exactly what the choice is so there is no doubt.

     The game play is fun. I like leaping from building to building and gliding on power lines like an electric Tony Hawk. It is a little difficult to let go of a ledge when you want to jump down, but other then that climbing walls and navigating the city flows nicely.
     There is one power that I like is climbing on top of someone and draining their life force to heal myself. It comes in handy in a pinch. This is me killing an innocent civilian for power! wha ha ha.(left)

     The enemies are mostly gang members and hobos. Some get rockets or grenades. Latter you fight psychic super soldiers who can go invisible and turn giant. The story has a cool twist at the end that I wont give away. It was an good game and took under 10 hours to complete the first play through. For a 9.99$ game on black Friday it was well worth it. They are also making an Infamous 2 that will come out this summer.

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