Friday, April 29, 2011

Pokemon Black & White

Pokemon Black and White for the NDS
 Yes, I like Pokemon. This 5th generation title has some awesome features that keeps the series alive as well as giving old players a spark to come back. The game starts everyone back at square one. There are no known Pokemon in this game until after the story is complete. This means players start out like they have never played before without knowing what type everything is and crushing through the game. I played through both without looking at a single guide for help or details. 

There are many new features to the game such as animated comic book cut scenes, more animated battles with Pokemon moving around, 150 new Pokemon, rotation battles, 3 way battles, and more. The most interesting change will be the three way battles. It will really open up strategy beyond just speed and offense. One Pokemon could take the lead and draw in attacks while others boost up or use status effects on the enemy. I also loved seeing new Pokemon and had a blast trying to catch everything I found. 

Online Features for this generation include random battles, and an online dream world to play with your Pokemon on the internet. This feature has just opened up so I will update soon with what it is like. From what I am reading you can get items and breed Pokemon to get "hidden" abilities. For example instead of Overgrow, which boosts grass moved damage if your hp is low, for Bulbasaur it can learn Chlorophyll, which boost speed during sunny day. 

What do these changes mean for more hardcore players. Way more strategy options, way more combination's and playing to get that perfect Pokemon with the right nature, stats, moves, ability. So look forward for many hours of enjoyment. This game is well worth the money and you will get many hours out of it. I bought Pokemon Emerald and have over 300 hours on it. 

Pokemon games from amazon. Grab any you don't have they are worth it. 


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