Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Keeping your things safe

    I am not rich, but I have stuff I would like to keep nice. I have some tips and examples for any fathers or fathers to be. I have a surround sound stereo system, game systems, a computer, cable box, and a TV. I am going to give you some tips and tell you what has happened since my son was born. Today we will talk about the stereo.
    I have a surround system, it's nothing super fancy but I'd like to keep it in good condition. My son has discovered that if he pulls the mesh netting off the speaker he can push in the white circles (these are the speakers!) I had to tie them on with black yarn. I advise wall mounting them so they can not be reached. Next, my son has also pulled the speaker wire connecting those speakers. I recommend getting long enough wire to go under the floor, or around your baseboards and staple them down. My son also can reach the stereo itself and turn it on and off, and he can push all kinds of buttons that mess up the settings. Place the unit as high as you can or get a cabinet with a door you can latch. The latest event has been with my sub woofer. My son has discovered that his Thomas trains fit inside the air vent! I had to take apart the speaker to get the trains out! I fashioned a make shift block using pantyhose and a twist tie! The only thing I can think of is to to put the vent against the wall.

      If you do as much preventive work as you can then you can keep your things nicer longer.  Never do anything without making sure you did everything to keep kids away from them.  Tomorrow I will talk about keeping them out of your games.

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