Monday, February 7, 2011

When your player 2 dies!

     As you get older things start to change. My friends and I were very close in high school. I saw them every day and talked to them online every night. We hung out at least once a week, and in college we still talked a lot. Things like work and women soon overshadow that friendship.
     I have friends whom I have not seen in years. I have friends I have not spoken to in months. We all have jobs and most of us are married. The time to hang out is very slim. The questions is does it have to be game over?
     I do not have that answer. I have tried to keep in touch. We still chat on a forum, but replies take days or weeks. I sometimes I see them online, but they are like those people you friend on xbox live because you made a good team once. You never really talk to them again.

Sad post today.  Hope to review the new game I'm playing.  Infamous soon.   Retro monday onhold till next week

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