Tuesday, February 22, 2011

saving over 90$ a year and the laptop dilemma

     Let's start of with "I hate laptops!" My wife has had a laptop for few years. She is not easy on her things. I have had to replace the power cord three times, the battery twice, the keyboard twice (okay that one was our toddler), the motherboard, the screen, and put new memory in it. My dekstop has not been touched in five years and works fine. Today, I have to order stuff from amazon. I have to order a replacement power cord since she damaged this one. It makes her happy, so I do everything I can to keep it working.

  I have Comcast for my Internet service. Every month I pay $5 for the modem rental fee, and that fee is going up to $7 soon. Everyone who has to pay an equipment fee should order a modem from Amazon. Modems are $50 and the rental fee is $91 a year. Why bother paying for the equipment?

I really wish I could buy my own cable box too. Technically you are allowed, but the manufacturers do not sell to customers or retailers just the cable company, so I'm stuck on that one.  :(

So save yourself some money and order your own modem. The one to the left is one that Comcast uses, but I will tell you that you will need to call in to have your modem authorized on your account. It should only take ten minutes.

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