Wednesday, February 16, 2011


    Minecraft is a indi-game that is the definition of sandbox game. You start off in a block based environment with nothing and no guide. There are sheep and woods and grassy fields. The game is 15$ and is still in beta. This means it has its bugs. The multi player is still being developed, but single player plays ok. I have spent hours digging massive tunnels and labyrinths. You make tools from stone and wood until you can craft iron weapons. It can basically be compared to electronic legos. There is one catch.
     When night falls zombies and monsters come out. They will kill you or explode destroying everything around them. I have spent many nights hiding in a while waiting for dawn. You can craft weapons and armor to defend yourself. The game has a sharp learning curve and I recommend you check online for the guide.
    The game is fun, and its fun to make massive buildings and dig big holes. If you have friends and can setup a server its fun to build things you can show off to each other.

I give minecraft a 5 out of 10

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