Thursday, February 10, 2011

The video game problem.

          I have a "man cave". In this "man cave", I keep all my games and gaming systems. My son has figured out that neat things are in this room. So he often runs in and grabs stuff, if I forget to close the door. He yells "Mario!" as he grabs Mario Galaxy off my shelf and sprints over to the family room. If left alone, he will open the box, take the CD out, turn on my xbox, hit the eject, place the game in the tray,grab a controller, and turn on the stereo. I was very impressed with the display, but worried about my stuff. I don't stand a chance once he is older. He is two, I'm doomed!
     Here are some tips to keeping you games out of the reach of your kids. 

1. Keep your games in a closet or a room that you kids cannot get into. I have a child proof knob on my door, and I have to remember to close it. My systems are in his reach though, and he has seen me turn the xbox on enough times to know that he can watch Thomas on it. 

2. Use a cabinet with a door that your kids cannot open. Trust me, nothing is more angering then playing a game and beating a boss then the screen goes blank because your kid hit the power button. 
 3. My son also loves my hand held games. This is my fault since I put Thomas on my psp for when he is in the car and wont stop crying. He sees it and says "More Thomas tank engine and friends!" He also plays with my DS. He can turn it on move the menu around and take pictures of himself. I just worry he will break it.  The only advice I have for a handheld is keep it out of sight. He will not ask for it if it is not in his view.
     Try to keep your things out of reach just like you keep chemicals locked up. It's cute to watch him laugh playing "Luigi's Mansion", but when he does it on his own it's scary!

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